Hao Yanling meets with Sun Pengwei (Hengyang County Governor) in Beijing
SOURCE: AUTHOR: DATE: 2018-04-02

On March 30th, Hao Yanling (Party secretary and president of New Cooperation Group) met with Sun Pengwei (Hengyang County Governor) in Beijing to hold talks on the promotion of cooperation in Hengyang County.

Hao Yanling welcomed Sun Pengwei and thanked for the strong support from Hengyang County Party Committee and the county government in the construction of civil air defense projects. He said NCS had always carried out the principle of coordinated development with advanced construction technology, strong commercial chain network, and mature commercial operation management in the construction of civil air defense commercial network; by constantly opening up and innovating, we had gradually formed a new way of military-civilian integration and development based on war preparation, serving society, and benefiting the common people; NCS project had been highly recognized by the local government, citizens and merchants. He said that the implementation of the projects was based on sustainable urban development. In the future, New Cooperation Group would attach greater importance to the projects, and set up a special fund for the civil air defense development; in the future, NCS would gradually link up with the capital market to form an integrated development model of physical operation + capital funds. Hao Yanling hoped that both sides would work closely and achieve multi-level cooperation.      

Sun Pengwei said that New Cooperation Group had carried the responsibility of state-owned enterprise with actions; the management concept of "responsible & best service" and the "five unified" business models worked well; Hengyang County Committee and county government would further support the implementation of the project; it was hoped that NCS would bring advanced construction techniques and mature business operation models to Hengyang County.